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65 lbs
Born in the United States



Almost a solid liver with light grey ticking hiding in his coat with an almost completely brown head. Thor has a beautifully proportionate blocky head. His eye's have the notorious droop of the breed, but not as strong. Exactly like his father Gunner, Thor keeps his ears up almost all the time. Thor has come into his size nicely and has filled out well with a large muscular build. 

Around the House

Thor has been great addition to the family. He is very loving dog that has bonded with our son, he is his kid!  Like the rest of the herd, Thor loves to follow you around and lounge were ever his people are.  Much like Benelli & Gunner he loves to lounge when he's not playing. Still having some of that puppy energy he loves to play. He loves to play chase but is almost always the chaser! He wrestles a lot, sometimes for hours. 

In the Field

Loading the truck, the kennels go in, the bird bag and then the guns, Thor's tail strides quickly, he knows what's going on!  Being one of the happiest dogs we've ever encountered, Thor is always happy to load up as he knows its time to work! When the collar goes on he knows the drill! He understands the task at hand and works the wind and terrain as his nose does the work. 

Thor works out to 100 yards as his confidence increases every hunt as well as his distance, little by little he works out further. Thor has a large muscular build which allows him to navigate the terrain with ease. Their long legs and strong stature give them the power they need for the demanding terrain of Nevada.  Thor has excellent stamina and can easily cover 20 miles in a day and sometimes more. 

Thor has some of some impressive natural instincts!  Locating covey's of birds from 100 yards away while slowly working the wind as we close the distance.  He holds a low distinct point that cannot be missed.  As he progress's with each hunt, he has the potential to be one of the best hunting dogs we've produced out of our kennel.



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