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Whelped: 3/22/19

59 LBS

Born in Spain



Grey ticking covers the majority of her skin with a half white and brown head. Neva has a traditional Spanish Pointer head while she has very tight eye's, not the notorious droop of the breed.  She is shorter than the rest of our dogs, however she has a very stalky build.  She is small but mighty!

Around the House

Imported from Spain, Neva has become the love of the house. Much like Benelli & Gunner she loves to be with her humans while lounging around the house or doing chores. Neva is an extremely loving dog that focuses her energy on pleasing her humans.  When she's not trying to climb in your lap to cuddle she loves sun bathing and naps.  

In the Field

 Spanish pointers are extremely smart and fast learners. Neva has the natural drive for bird hunting!  When hunting shes focused and determined to find her game.  Covering the country meticulously she works out to 150 yards and back.  Her training is progressing nicely as she gains her confidence in the field. 



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