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Whelped: 1/31/18

65 LBS

Born in Spain



Grey ticking covers the majority of his skin with an almost completely brown head. Gunner has a beautifully proportionate head. His eye's have the notorious droop of the breed, but not as strong. Gun keeps his ears up almost all the time, this is different from Benelli, she keeps hers down most of the time.  

Around the House

Imported from Spain, Gunner has been great addition to the family. After his long flight (24 hours from Madrid, Spain to San Francisco, California) Gunner was excited to meet his new family. Although tired, he welcomed us with lots of kisses! If you like dog kisses Gunner is your man! He is one of the most loving dogs you'll ever meet! I was once told by another hunter, "if he hunts half as good as he love's, your a lucky man!". 

Much like Benelli, Gunner loves to lounge when he's not playing. Still having some of that puppy energy he loves to antagonize the other dogs into some kind of game. He loves to play chase but is almost always the chaser! He and Benelli wrestle a lot, sometimes for hours. 

In the Field

Spanish pointers are extremely smart and fast learners. Hunting along side Benelli, Gunner is quickly picking up the game! Gunner has had multiple finds, points and retrieves this season. When the collar goes on he knows the drill! He understands the task at hand and works the wind and terrain as his nose does the work. 

Gunner generally works around 60 to 100 yards. His confidence increases every hunt as well as his distance, little by little he works out further. Gunner also has long legs allowing him to navigate the terrain with ease. Their long legs and strong stature give them the power they need for the demanding terrain of Nevada. Gunner has excellent stamina and can easily cover 20 miles in a day and sometimes more. 

Gunner began his formal training at 15 weeks old. He did so with style! Gunner has one of the most natural instincts I've ever seen. His training has been fun as he is quick to learn from his mistakes and make corrections. As you can see in many of his photo's his point very is stylish!



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