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Benelli de Rebel


Whelped: 6/30/16

68 LBS

Born in the United States

Sitting pretty, waiting for her run.jpg


Beautifully mixed together, the grey and brown in her coat give her a gorgeous appearance. Her mostly grey tail stands out in a crowd with her beautiful stature and almost model stance. She carriers herself very proudly with her tail swaying ever so slightly as she walks. Her head is mostly round with a no crown present, perfectly breaking up the brown on her face, a grey contour runs from the top of her head down her snout. 


Around the House

Benelli loves to sit, as she is in this picture, and watch as though she's guarding or watching over her herd. Although she can be very serious at times, she has very playful side! When the time comes for frolicking she loves the game of chase. This is her favorite game, she LOVES to be chased! It's as if she knows she cannot be caught. She's almost always ready to play. 

When everyone is lounging around Benelli likes to try and persuade a spot in your lap. After her many failed attempts (if I don't cave) she finds a spot in her bed or near the fire to relax and take comfort. She's very calm around the house and loves her long naps. 

In the Field

Early mornings when loading the truck her ears are perky and she's at full attention, she knows whats happening. Eagerly waiting to be loaded into her kennel for the days hunt. Her collar goes on, the gun is loaded and she excitedly waits for the magic words, "lets go!" (her excitement is something like a kid when entering Disneyland for the first time!).


Being a season veteran Benelli knows the drill, out to 100 yards, quickly working back and forth from side to side as she slowly increases her distance. Nevada(where we live) has large mountain ranges and massive valleys in which we hunt Chukar. Benelli likes to work between 100 to 200 yards. She'll increase or decrease this distance as the terrain changes. For example, if we're in a large valley she'll quickly work out to 500 yards covering lots of ground. In tighter, steeper country she stay's fairly close, around 100 yards. Her long legs give her plenty of ground clearance for working in the tall sage and rocks.

Benelli began her training at 8 weeks old. She was extremely birdy at a young age and easy to train, as are most Spanish Pointers. We continue to train and add to her abilities. Additionally, we plan to continue competing in field trials in the off season.  



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